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color palette

How to choose colors for your website

The actual colors are probably the most important factors when making a web site. Most web-site designers pay great focus on the images and content from the website although not to the actual colors. The colors of the website may define how these potential customers will experience your business once they enter your site. Actual […]

team building

Team building effect on employee performance

The activities and structure of a team building day bond your team while improving communication and team work. The fun environment created by a well-planned program develops confidence and trust, ensuring maximum involvement and a stronger organisation. Team building is a philosophy of job design in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead […]


Development of ceramic tiles

Tiles can be hand-made or they can be industrially manufactured. Ceramic tiles are made from clay that is produced through baking. Before it has been baked, it is usually formed into a certain shape, glazed with coating color and textured for strength. Ceramic tiles are either handmade or they can be manufactured through a mechanized process. They are usually made […]

New Product Development

New Product Development

For every company producing new things new product development is crucial. NPD is an area in which a lot of money and expertese is invested and is a neccessary part of every porduction process. Basics: In business and engineering, new product development (NPD) is the term used to describe the complete process of bringing a […]

Leisure and travel in contemporary societies

Leisure and travel in contemporary societies

In contemporary society where life is so fast and hectic besides achieving professional success having some free leisure time is important. Contemporary societies have created a real business out of travelling and leisure time with the travel being extremely developed industry today. Basics: Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. The World Tourism […]