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Gut microbes

kittens eatingGut Micro biomes are growths in the gut that result from the diet taken. They start to develop at birth and they will result in different effects depending on their composition. They affect the immune system of both animals and people. They are also known to be associated with metabolic conditions like Obesity. A research to proof if what is eaten will actually cause micro biomes. This study was conducted on cats the Illinois university by group of researchers led by Kelly Swanson. Cats were chosen for the study because they are believed to be the healthiest animals especially when they are fed with high protein diets. The requirements used to conduct the experiment were; Eight female cats.Two dry diets-A high- protein, low- carbohydrate diet.A moderate- protein, moderate carbohydrate diet.

How the experiment was conducted.

The eight female cats were at random fed with one of the two diets, one month prior to mating. Feeding continued with the specific diet until the young ones were born. When they were born, they were also kept together with parents until they were 8 weeks old, they were then weaned and each was fed with the diet corresponding to the mother’s. The fecal samples were taken from the kittens for bacterial DNA extraction which yielded the following results.The kittens fed with the high-protein, low- carbohydrate diet had higher levels of the bacteria responsible for breaking down protein i.e. the proteolytic bacteria.The kittens fed with the moderate- protein, moderate carbohydrate had higher levels of carbohydrate breaking bacteria.

The research also established the relationship between the diet and physiology. T he following observations was made. Bifido bacteria were found in kittens fed with the moderate-protein, moderate-carbohydrate diet. Bifido bacteria are associated with the high levels of Gherin in blood. Gherin stimulates appetite in an organism. Good appetite results in more food consumption which causes weight gain in the long run. These Bacteria also promotes gastro-intestinal health. The low levels of this type of bacteria in human beings are the cause of inflammatory bowel disease. Lactobacilli bacteria were also found in the kittens ted with the moderate- protein, moderate-carbohydrate diet. Lactobacilli bacteria are very beneficial to the health of the alimentary canal. These bacteria also play a role in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol as well as the blood Leptin levels. They help to regulate the body weight since they regulate eating by sending signals to the body for eating to be stopped.Even though low levels of health promoting bacteria ware found in the kittens fed with the high- protein, low- carbohydrate diet, the kitten never experienced health problems throughout the research. The lead researcher, Swanson, said that the results of the research formed the foundation to further their research. This is because further research may be helpful in disease control and also when making decisions of keeping a pet.

They concluded that even though the cat has a unique metabolic system, its gut microbes have similarities with microbes of other species of animals and even man.