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GravityLight Invention – Transforming Lives

gravity lightMartin Riddiford and Jim Reeves are the London based designers who are known for creating the GravityLight. This is an LED lamp device that is able to run off by gravity and nothing else, the main purpose of this lamp is to ensure that people in the third world countries are getting alternatives to the common kerosene lamps that are known to cause health problems such as lung ailments and at times they cause burns to millions of poor people living in different parts of the world. Most of these people can’t afford other sources of light and therefore they are forced to use the crude and dangerous energy from kerosene.

GravityLight is designed in a very simple way and is very inexpensive hence affordable to many people. It has a cable hand that is attached from a gear mechanism and it holds a plastic bag that is filled with rock to give it more weight hence more gravity pull. Under the normal gravitational forces, the energy is created when the bag is pulled down by gravity and is usually enough to power LED bulb for up to thirty minutes. The creation of this lamp have been posted on the fund sourcing site by Riddiford and Reeves and pledges have been doubled their goal of $55,000. They also noted on their official pages that a billion and half people all over the world have no access or they can’t afford electricity today.

During the dark hours, their main source of light comes from burning peat, wood and other biomass materials and kerosene being the most popular and the most used. Riddiford and Reeves also noted that there has been estimates from the World Bank that three quarters of a billion people mostly women and children are affected by regular inhale of kerosene smoke which may be equivalent to at least smoking 2 packets of cigarette each day. This usually leads to high rates of lung cancer, on the other hand millions of people who use the same source of energy are burned every year when lamps are accidentally upended forcing them to catch up fire hence causing explosions.

People also encounter problems of a lot of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere and have been approximated to 244 million tones of this dangerous air in one year. As a way of finding the solution to the problem, Riddiford and Reeves have spent four years looking for solution and building lighting options and luckily enough they have settled on their creation of GravityLight. This lamp is unique and has no cells or batteries and is also made to produce energy that last for longer, the lamp also has free weight that allows portability at any position or anywhere and has no other recurring costs. Using this advanced lamp is very beneficial since people will be able to save the money they usually use for kerosene and they will be able to change their lifestyles. At the moment the cost of these GravityLight is only $10 and is expected to drop to $5 in order to reach more people and have quality lives with healthy families.