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Chameleon Scarf

A Unique Scarf That Changes Color To Match Your Clothes

Summertime is undoubtedly the best season for wearing colorful clothes and accessories. If you are planning to add something unique and new to your wardrobe this season, it is worthwhile checking out how to make for yourself a unique scarf that changes colors and matches the clothes that you are wearing. Adafruit, the website for […]

Google Glass

Introducing New Google Glass Features

In a bid to make the device more consumer friendly, the makers of Google Glass have made software updates on the device. Subsequently, this version of Google Glass would be known as XE5. This is a development of the project Glass, whose research and development have resulted in the addition of these new feature.

data center

Google Inc. to invest $390 million in upgrading its Belgian data center

The growth in demand for Google’s online services in Belgium has made the company recently announce that it will invest a further $390 million in the country’s facility. This amount will be channeled to the upgrading of the data center in Belgium that has over the recent past received more traffic than it can sufficiently […]

Invention by Daniel Perlman Prevents Wipers Freezing to Windshield

Senior scientific researcher Daniel Perlman has about 100 published patented works to his name, with only but a few still pending. He is a specialist in applied research with his recent focus being on nutritionally enhanced food products and clinical laboratory. It is important to note that his specialty of research cuts across the fields […]


Effect of Ethanol–Unleaded Gasoline Blends on Engine Performance and Exhaust Emission

Ethanol – the pure alchocol has many uses. Besides being an alhocolic beverage it is widely used as fuel. It mostly has good effects on engine performance but not so good on exhaust emission. Basics: Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol, is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid. A psychoactive […]

facial expression

How New Visual Feedback Technology Enhances the Human Ability to Mimic Facial Expressions

Some people may not want to equate themselves with a monkey, but just as these animals are able to copy many actions they witness, so new research reveals that visual feedback is what enables us to imitate facial expressions. While the technology in the study might be new, the relationship between visual stimulation and facial […]

gravity light

GravityLight Invention – Transforming Lives

Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves are the London based designers who are known for creating the GravityLight. This is an LED lamp device that is able to run off by gravity and nothing else, the main purpose of this lamp is to ensure that people in the third world countries are getting alternatives to the […]

hands free driving

Become a better driver discreetly with MIT’s smart automotive co-pilot

MIT researchers along with the company Quantum Signal have been testing a new system, which helps cars serve as automotive co-pilots. It is still a while before cars drive by themselves, but they may start off by helping humans become better drivers. MIT has developed a system enabling cars to see traffic cones and other […]

computer technology

A convenient replacement of mouse moves with hand waves

Engineer Douglas Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute is credited with inventing the computer mouse. That was way back in 1963; 50 years ago. The fundamental principal Engineer Douglas Engelbart applied was to direct or rather indicate a particular point of interest then click to execute a command. Up to now this basic principle has […]

car in the future

Car technology of the future

THE ADVANCED COCKPIT The survey carried in June that showed most American automobile buyers was not a wind noise or inadequate acceleration. Drivers today expect vehicles to be advancing in technology, and the automakers are making their driving experience together with it. At the moment the companies have problem of keeping up with the advances. […]