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Drinking Too Much? Blame Your Glass

Consumption of alcohol is becoming a real menace in public health domain. This has lead to several studies to help curb the vice. Some of the studies have been the focus on reasons behind high consumption of alcoholic beverages. In the UK, the latest study reveals that delusion that results from false impression of curved […]

Tron Legacy Costume

TOP 5 science fiction costumes

When it comes to science fiction costumes, the villain costumes tend to be more eye catching and impressive than many hero costumes. However, some hero costumes have also been quite impressive too. Whether hero or villain, the costume plays a large part in strongly selling the character. There have been costume replicas sold in various […]

kissing couple

The psychological science of relationships – exploring love and romance based on studies not cliches

Psychologists have taken great strides in understanding human relationships as a whole, however, there is much left to be researched and studied regarding the different aspects of man but there are factual truths that have been provided by psychologists in order to serve as a guide for relationships. There are so many clichés with regards […]


Sound production with a guitar

The guitar is a plucked string instrument, usually played with fingers or a pick.[1] It consists of the body and rigid neck with strings attached to it generally they are six in number. Mostly, guitars are traditionally built with various types of woods. In recent times, guitars have been constructed using steel strings or nylon. […]

camera lens

Photography through the history

Photography which comes from two greek words photos and graphein means recording images by light. Man has always wanted to keep memories of himself, activities, events and surroundings. This curiosity brought about the inventory of pictures with the first photograph by louis daguerre , an image of street.Although the exposure time by then was over […]

fashionable women

How to take a blouse from work to a night out

For most women, creating an outfit that is appropriate at work as well as a night out can prove to be a daunting task. Though this is possible, one must remember that focus should mostly be on maintaining a suitable outfit for work as this best shows ones professionalism. However, this does not mean that […]

promotional shirt

A walking billboard – promoting your business with the clothes you wear

The trick behind any successful business lies in the way, or how extensively it is marketed or advertised. Marketing your business allows you to reach out to as many people as possible some of whom are potential customers or clients. How effectively you market the business largely depends on the size of your budget. In […]

bachelor party

Bucks night – a ride of passage

Bucks night also known as stag party, bachelor party is an event dedicate to the bachelor prior to entering marriage. It is one of the joyful and memorable moments where the bachelor just spends time with his male friends. They always look forward to it with uncontrolled excitement. It is a party in celebration of […]


Are wallpapers are making a comeback – using decorative wallpaper to make a statement

Every individual loves to decorate their personal surroundings, from choosing the favorite color scheme to curtains to tapestry. You can enhance the décor and feel of your home by adding colors and textures. And one such thing that you can use to add to your residential or commercial space is wallpapers. Yes, you read it […]

man giving advice to couple

The importants of getting the correct financial advice

Managing personal finances is one of the hard things to do. One therefore, needs correct financial advice. Financial advice is a personal counsel from an experienced person given to a particular individual after due reflection of the individual’s financial situation and future objectives. Armed with an in-depth assessment of the financial condition of his or […]