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Dangers of Taming rare wild animals as pets

The world is slowly trending towards wild animals as pets, which no one ever thought could be the case. Animals such as chimpanzees, long-necked turtles, bears and poisonous frogs are on the verge of extinction as more and more people are taming them as pets. Hunters are now paid handsomely to collect wild pets, which […]

hydrotropic technique

Using hydrotropic technique to do gardening in space

Plants are the main basic to life all over the globe. Plants perform the major processes that support life. It converts carbon dioxide and sun light under the process of photosynthesis to produce starch and oxygen. Oxygen is an essential element in animal life. Without oxygen, there is no life. Plants regulate the amount of […]

endomicroscopy capsule

The endomicroscopy capsule provides a ray of hope to patients of Barrett’s Esophagus

Thanks to science and technology, physicians may soon be able to screen patients for Barrett’s esophagus without the need for sedating patients, using special equipment and without the need for a trained physician. Researchers at the Massachusetts based Wellman Photo medicine Center have come up with an imaging system embedded in a capsule slightly bigger […]

half adder

The Half Adder: Synopsis of the Logic Circuit Component

Intensive research to meet the recent demands in reduced power computing and operation on a smaller scale has led to reducing computing components from Silicon. Electronic devices data processing components viz logic circuit and transistors which are used via voltage control have seen remarkable breakthroughs in recent times. One of the smallest make-ups of the […]

carbon nanotube

Great scientific breakthrough on carbon nanotube

Scientific researchers have finally discovered a new way that they can grow carbon nonotube semiconductors after years of detailed research. They can do this by defining it to particular distinct structure. This has a great potential of carbon being an essential element used in development of electronics in the near future. An outstanding fact about […]

Blue Morpho Butterfly

The Blue Morpho Butterfly Stimulates New Scientific Research

Ohio has recently seen an exciting change thanks to their advanced nanotechnology and their array of beautiful South American butterflies. This may seem like a strange combination, but researchers have in actual fact been studying the butterflies wings – as well as rice leaves – and discovered many factors regarding their microscopic texture. You may […]

silver nano-particles in socks

Consequences of the use of Silver Nanoparticles in clothing

Recent studies have indicated that excessive use of nano-silver in human products can have an adverse effect on the environment. In modern times silver based nano-particles have been used in clothing and if their usage continues it will have a severe impact on the environment. Basically if every person purchases one silver nano-particle processed piece […]

kittens eating

Gut microbes

Gut Micro biomes are growths in the gut that result from the diet taken. They start to develop at birth and they will result in different effects depending on their composition. They affect the immune system of both animals and people. They are also known to be associated with metabolic conditions like Obesity. A research to […]

Tesla coil gun

Building a gun from the handheld Tesla coil gun

Rob Flickenger was browsing through a bookstore situated in Seattle near his home last year when he came across a novel with the title, The Fists of Science. The novel told a story of a crime fighter, Nikola Tesla who had used a handheld Tesla coils to fight his enemies. The Tesla coil was designed […]

Scientist in the lab

The putrid science of drugs

Sometimes, it is necessary to go where no man has, or is willing to go in the pursuit of scientific endeavour. In a novel, and quite stomach-churning research project, researchers in Europe have recently carried out an analysis of sewage in 19 European cities to determine and compare the trends in consumption of selected illicit […]