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Risks of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that are crucial nutritional components. Their main sources include fish and algal oils. However, their potential benefits as health supplements have raised questions in the recent past. This has happened in the wake of confirmed evidence from multiple scientific researches, whose findings revealed that omega-3 fatty acids increase […]


Health Benefits of Using Vegetable oil

When comes to cooking in today’s life, oil is the major ingredient in almost all cooking methods unlike the ancient days whereby several traditional cooking methods were used without using fats/oils.Cooking methods like, boiling, steaming and roasting were done successfully with no use of fats and the foods produced were really tasty. Of late, these […]

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The possibility to breathe easier

We see amazing scientific breakthroughs every day and these help us understand our bodies better and learn to treat them better. As per the latest news from the Langone Medical Center at NYU, the scientists there have found two genes that create the neuronal circuits essential for breathing. This new information could be very helpful […]

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Good news about allergies and brain tumors

A recent study adds weight to researchers’ findings that a connection may exist between allergies in humans and a lower incidence of a serious cancer that initially develops in the brain. While the study implied an overall reduced risk of the development of these cancerous tumors, preliminary results suggest that the cancer resistance seems to […]

Circadian Clock

Understanding your circadian clock

Have you ever looked at when you like to do things? Some of us work better in the morning when we get up and go. Others of us tend to do things at night before we go to bed. It is said that this is due to our internal clocks in our bodies. While many […]


Can the materials used in fashion affect our health

In this time and age where every person wants to keep in step with changing times, fashion has become the dividing line between the old and the current. It’s a determinant of how modern, flexible or willing to adopt new ideas one is. Everything we put on sends a message. Due to this societal demand, […]


About 3D and 4D baby ultrasound

An ultrasound allows both a doctor and a mother to see a baby during the woman’s pregnancy. It has no psychological effects on the baby but it gives a valuble insight into baby’s development. Basics: 3D ultrasound is a medical ultrasound technique, often used in obstetric ultrasonography (during pregnancy), providing three dimensional images of the […]

Evaluation of protein requirements for trained strength athletes

Evaluation of protein requirements for trained strength athletes

Proteins are a very importan groop of nutrients which we need to have daily in our diet. Besides being good or our skin, hair and bones proteins are involved in making muscles process. Basics: Proteins are essential nutrients for the human body. They are one of the building blocks of body tissue, and can also […]


Osteopathy vs Chiropractic

Chiropractors Chiropractors [1] are specializing in optimizing neurological function and they focus on the nerves and spine that exit from it. Misalignment of spinal is the major reason or source of nerve impingement and back pain. Tingling, pain, numbness and weakness may be felt in the pathway of a nerve which is irritated or compressed […]


How Science is Helping Us Heal

A physiotherapist is considered a part of the healthcare team professionals. He is responsible in assisting the client to recover from any injury. As a healthcare professional, it is part of his responsibility to bring back the person to his maximum state of wellness after an injury. A physiotherapist is not only needed after an […]