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Tesla coil gun

Building a gun from the handheld Tesla coil gun

Rob Flickenger was browsing through a bookstore situated in Seattle near his home last year when he came across a novel with the title, The Fists of Science. The novel told a story of a crime fighter, Nikola Tesla who had used a handheld Tesla coils to fight his enemies. The Tesla coil was designed […]

Try this: You see UV

Warning: Although UV radiation is invisible to the human eye, blacklight bulbs are still bright light sources. Do not use them in a darkened room or use them for more than fifteen minutes a day. What’s happening? Take a sip of the tonic water. Taste nice? No? Well, some people like that bitterness. The sharp […]

Try this: Shocking capacity

Warning: This activity shows how to make a small capacitor. Bigger capacitors can hold large amounts of charge and produce a dangerous shock. Take care to follow the instructions.

Try this: Dark heat

What’s happening? Oddly, the temperature on the two thermometers nearest the spectrum should increase, even though only one seems to be in the light. The one near the red end of the rainbow may even heat up slightly more!

Try this: The colour of confusion

Try this: The colour of confusion

You will need A high quality printout of this template A pencil What to do Download this pdf and print it out in colour OR view it on a computer monitor. How many different shades of green can you see? Place a pencil directly over the line where the first two shades touch. Do the first two […]