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Does diet, parental behaviour and preschool have an effect on children’s IQ

Believe it or not, diet, parental behaviour as well as preschool do affect your child’s IQ. How, you may ask? Findings from a research conducted by a team led by a doctoral student in the School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at NYU Steinhardt, involving a technique known as meta-analysis, showed the effect of […]

The Science of Radicalization

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 draws near, a decent respect for the sensibilities of those involved demands a renewed inspection of the motivations of the attackers. One cannot but wonder at the motivations of the perpetrators. To a large extent, they were trained in technical and scientific fields. In addition, compared to their peers, […]

EPA Receives Criticism

Republican lawmakers at a hearing addressing the way that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) performs its assessment and evaluation of chemicals to determine their safety, leveled criticism at the agency for their methods of evaluation, the lack of clarity and the length of time it takes to get regulations passed. The EPA relies on the […]

What is viral marketing and when to use it?

We’ve all heard about the term viral marketing. But what does it exactly mean? Actually, it’s a concept of selling some product or service by creating a hype or buzz which then spread like a virus in all possible directions so as to increase the sales. Viral marketing actually guarantees you a vast exposure and […]

Sony: Computers with 3D image

Japanese electronic giant Sony announce begining of selling a new model computers with 3D image. This model is so-called F-serie, which allows the image in 3D format, and approximate price is slightly higher than $ 3.000, said company representative. Users must use special glasses for watching images in 3D format which are an integral part […]

Fast data transfer arrives rapidly

Intel has designed a super-fast universal access to peripheral devices which first appeared on the new MacBook Pro laptops. Intel’s technology Thunderbolt enables data transmission between computers and peripheral devices at speeds of 10 gigabits per second. New interface delivers more than 20 times the speed compared to USB 2.0 and 12 times compared to […]

Science is everywhere

Science is everywhere

Science is everywhere. The backyard, kitchen and other household spaces become “laboratories” natural for children. Curiosity is characteristic of children; explore science can report to you a lot of fun while learning a lot from themselves and the world they live. When the family is involved in scientific activities at home, should bear in mind […]

Science: Can it be sacred?

Science: Can it be sacred?

In Reinventing the Sacred, Stuart Kauffman explores what it means to be spiritual beings in a secular, scientific world. His definition of God is not some massive, omnipotent entity sitting aloft the clouds dictating the workings of the universe, instead it is the creative force of the universe that manifests as bio-complexity and evolutionary leaps, […]

Fuji Xerox And Centrica ? A Match Made In Heaven

Fuji Xerox And Centrica ? A Match Made In Heaven

In 2003 Centrica was founded in Sydney, Australia as a print and mail service in charge of printing direct mail letters, promotional flyers, magazines, brochures, and the like. But nobody employed by the company at that time had any idea of how quickly Centrica would rise in popularity. Still relying on entry level printing machines […]

Working out tips

Our bodies were designed to move, since the beginning of time. We have the perfect bodily systems for swimming, running, walking, and lifting heavy weights. Thousands of years ago it was more of a requirement that we move on a regular basis, but since then it has become more of a thing that only some […]