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grocery shopping

Cost – Saving Grocery Delivery Services are Friendlier to the Environment

There is a better way to buy your groceries. It will not only save you time and gas money, but it also is friendlier to the environment. Consumers can order their groceries online from the comfort of their home and have them delivered.¬†Utilizing these services promotes a greener environment by cutting down on carbon dioxide […]


Potato cultivation improved using new genetic mechanism

Potato have been considered as the important of our daily diet. It was these potatoes that helped man kind to survive through some of the greatest famines and hard times. Some of those people have survived long enough to bring new revolutions to the world by just feeding of potato soup. Potatoes where initially growing […]

Baby with cloth nappy

Save the Planet – Use Cloth Nappies

Disposable nappies have been an essential part of everyday life for most mothers, for more than twenty years. This is changing however, because at long last, people in general are beginning to realize that, although disposables are convenient, they are very expensive, and are doing untold damage to the environment. In addition to this, apart […]

waterfront living

The sustainability of waterfront living

Food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of mankind; every person desires the best for him and his family. We often plan for a dream house, which just has the right amount of space, and furniture that pleases us and what could be more amazing if it is a waterfront home? Besides the wonderful […]