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The benefits of earning extra qualifications online.

Online qualifications are increasingly becoming popular among internet users. There is no doubt that the internet has had a significant impact on how various things are done especially with regard to studying and working online. The internet is now one of the biggest platforms that people are using to earn extra qualifications to add up […]


Top 5 London museums

When it comes to Museums, London is in a league of its own. The city boasts of over 200 museums, each offering a flavor of the British history in its own way. If you are planning a visit to London, museums are one thing that you cannot leave out. Here is a list of top […]

Business research methods

Business research methods

Business has developed almost into a science since it brings huge profits and therefore doing some detailed research into it was something to be expected. Basics: A case study is an intensive analysis of an individual unit (e.g., a person, group, or event) stressing developmental factors in relation to context. The case study is common […]

Career development learning and employability

Career development learning and employability

In order to have a good career many factors need to be fulfilled. A good job needs to be found and that is where the problems can start. Having a good education¬†does not necessary guarantee a good and quick employment. In organizational development (or OD), the study of career development looks at: how individuals manage […]