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Organic produce accumulates high sugar levels, vitamin C and pigment molecules

According to research findings published in the ‘open access’ journal PLOS ONE on February 20, organic tomatoes accumulate more vitamin C, sugars and compounds which’re associated with oxidative-stress compared to conventionally-grown fruit. The research which was published by Alcantra Miranda, Maria Raquel and other researchers from the Federal-University of Ceara, Brazil involved comparing weight and […]

backyard carpentry

How is science used in carpentry

When you walk around homes and offices in different places, one thing you will never miss to see are well designed wooden items like chairs, tables, cabinets and windows. All this have been designed by a well qualified carpenter and presents the work of carpentry. Carpentry involves the work of constructing and making wooden furniture’s […]

building in bushfire

Building in a bushfire zone

Building in a bushfire zone requires a lot to be taken into consideration. The bushfire zones of Australia are prone to very dangerous wildfires that have been declared a disaster by the government thus certain measures have to be taken for those who plan to construct buildings in such zones. The major reason for these […]



According to many people’s thinking,the word promiscuity is synonymous with immorality.However new scientific research has shown that promiscuity isn’t that bad, after all! While the randy behaviour of male animals has been lauded as a way of spreading their genes,a lot of sex has been found to weaken female animals thus lowering their lifespans.However, recent […]


Outdoor activities and environmental responsibility

In today’s fast paced world, the concept of convenience has been incorporated into virtually every single aspect of our lives both personal and professional. There is no much of a problem with the professional bit but when it comes to personal aspects that require closer attention, that is where the trouble starts. To enable us […]

House of Representatives Votes to Increase Energy Research Budgets

While it is much less than the $550 million that the Obama Administration originally wanted, a recently passed amendment adds $80 million to the budget of the ARPA-E, the Department of Energy’s blue-sky research branch that focuses on paradigm-shifting energy research. The vote was a narrow 214-213. This amendment ups the total budget to $180 […]